Peter Tijhuis Photography



In broad terms you could say that my work is or is about city sociology. I use photography to research the position of the individual in a society that is in a constant state of change. This research is fueled by a strong need to understand social developments in our society.

I have a background in social sciences, I have worked for a large commercial company, I have lived and worked in the United States for years, I am married to an American and I have a son with two passports. I am currently active as a documentary photographer in the Netherlands and it is fair to say that I am constantly looking for my own position in society.
The environment of the individual that I am referring to is the urban landscape since it is here that many social experiments take place and change often is initiated. Themes like homogenization of people and space and the relation between people and their environment are central to my work.

Often, my projects are viewed in a historical context. To understand the dynamics in a city I feel that you need to aware of the history of that city. I use this knowledge to learn about the present and think about the future. It should, however, always offer new insights in the discours about the urban landscape and our position within.

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